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Model L3000 biological microscope is equipped with plan achromatic objectives and wide field eyepieces, can get
Clear pictures and wide view field. It can be broadly applied in biology medicineagriculture and industry area. It is the
ideal tool in hospitals pathology diagnose and college labs.

Accessories and Specification
Module & spec
Eyepieces Wide field WF10X(20)
Objectives Plan achromatic PL4X/0.1
PL40X/0.65 ( spring )
PL100X/1.25 ( spring )
Eyepiece tubs Binocular Compensation (inclination of 30) 360rotatable
Stage Mechanical Size210X140mm
Move range:50X75mm
Focus system coaxial coarse/fine gear rotate,with tension adiustable and limit stopper system
Nosepiece Quadruple
Condenser Abbe condenser NA1.25,rack&pinion adjustment
Light source LED illumination
Illumination:6V20W halogen lamp,adjustable brightness
Collector Compose with field diaphragm
CCD 0.4X,1X
Dark field condenser ( Dry ) NA=0.77~0.91
(Immersion) NA=1.25~1.40
Phase contrast unit

Phase contrast plan achromatic objectives
Phase contrast condenser NA=1.25
Centering telescope

Digital camera

coolpix 9509954500 (for NIKON coolpix 9509954500 digital camera)

Notein the table is standard attachments and is optional attachments.
Specifications and subject to change, subject to contract.


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