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[XDP-1 Wide-field Microscope]  



 ,Acquiring the internal patent
   and the only manufaturer of original creation;designing in combination with
   visual prodjuet.
 ,Imagining from oprical entity;providing with various objectives for 2X、4X、6X、8X、10X
   magnification.The objectives can be conveniently changed;owning humanistic
   operating system.
 ,For the long time viewing without wisual weariness.The freely and comfortably
   operating can be beyond the visual limit,and improve the working efficiency.
 ,Possessing the super-long workong distance and super-large field of viewing
   and depth of field.
 ,Application to electronic industry,precision project,plastic shop,medical
   diagnosis and biological medicine,and public security system,and so on.
2X 4X 6X 8X
Working distance (mm)
208 98 80 58 46
Viewing Field for object space(mm)
68 34 22.7 17 13.6
Input voltage
 AC 110V or 220V
 12V 20W halogen lamp with cup(two)


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