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Model XDY-1 inverted & fluorescence microscopec is composed with Inverted microscope and fluorescence microscope. It is furnished with long working distance plan achromatic objectives and plan achromatic phase contrast objectives, long working distance condenser and phase contrast attachment; It is advanced instrument suitable for observe the transparent living specimen structure and research liquid deposits; reflected fluorescence is used for fuorescence microscopy; it also can be used in research institutes, universities, medical treatment, agriculture and animal husbandry etc.
Eyepieces: Wide field eyepieces:16X(11mm),20X(11mm).
Objectives: Long working distance plan achromatic phase-contrast objectives (cover glass thick: 1.2mm):
PLL25X/0.4PHP1 (include 25X annular diaphragm plate).
PLL40X/0.6PHP1 (include 40X annular diaphragm plate).
Utra-long working distance condenser: Working distance 70mm.
Special-long working distance phase contrast condenser: Working distance 50mm; Configure the Long working distance plan achromatic phase-contrast objectives (cover glass thick: 1.2mm): PLL10X/0.25 PHP2, PLL25X/0.4 PHP2, PLL40X/0.6 PHP2.
Binocular: compensation (inclination of 30o)
Illumination: 6V30W halogen lamp, adjustable brightness.
CCD Camera adapter: 0.4X, 1X.

Magnification: 100X~400X

  Binocular: for observe
Eyepieces: Wide field eyepiece: 10X(20)

Objectives: Long working distance plan achromatic objectives(cover glass 1.2mm): 10X/0.25
            Special long working distance plan achromatic phase contrast objectives(cover
            glass 1.2mm): 10X/0.25 PHP225X/0.4 PHP240X/0.6 PHP2.

Condenser: Ultra long working distance condenser(with phase contrast): working distance 50mm
  Mechanical stage:The movement mechanism can be take out,movement range: 79mm112 mm
Focusing mechanism:coaxial coarse and fine focusing mechanism with tension adjustable and focus stop, fine focusing knob: minimum division 0.002mm .
  Interpupillary distance: 53mm~75mm
A.Transmitted light: 6V30W halogen lamp, adjustable brightness,110V/230V
B.Reflected light : 100W/DC mercury lamp,power supply 110V/230V optional
  Excition system:UV( Ultraviolet,excitation filter 330-400 nm),V( Violet, excitation filter 395-415 nm),
B(Blue,excitation filter 420-485 nm) , G(Green,excitation filter 460-550 nm)
Anti-fungus: yes


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